Fall In New England: October 3rd for NOUG Special Event

For the first time ever, I’ll be sharing my knowledge of Oracle Database 12c with members of the Northeast Oracle Users Group (NOUG) on this coming Monday, October 3rd just outside Boston in Canton, MA at the beautiful Blue Hill Country Club. I’ll be presenting three of my most popular requested Oracle Database 12c topics:

DBA, Heal Thyself: Five Diseases of IT Organizations and How to Cure Them

This introductory session looks at how the role of Oracle DBA has changed over the past 15 years as well as how DBAs need to view their roles within their organizations to accommodate the rapidly-changing demands of tomorrow’s IT industry . Jim will describe five specific maladies he’s diagnosed within many IT shops and how an Oracle DBA’s orientation towards her role often makes the difference in curing those ailments.

Here At Last! Oracle 12cR2 New Features and Enhancements

Oracle Database 12cR2 includes features as revolutionary as the 12cR1 release. This session will review several of its most intriguing new feature sets and what they mean to a typical Oracle DBA, including its new PDB Live Migration features, significant enhancements to Database In-Memory, Sharded Databases (SDBs), In-Place Tablespace Encryption, Sparse RMAN Backups, and Schema PITR.

 Regression Analyzed, Tout de Suite: Leveraging Oracle 12c Database’s Real Application Testing (RAT) Suite

If you’re tired of not knowing exactly how your applications will perform once you’ve upgraded to Oracle Database 12cR1, or if you’re exhausted from tuning SQL after your developers have released their latest version of code without really testing it to destruction, then this session is for you. Jim will explain RAT Suite’s newest functions in, including Workload Intelligence, Workload Scale-Up, and Consolidated Database Replay, as well as its original key features – Database Capture and Replay (DBCR) and SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) – to avoid unnecessary application performance regression before applications are deployed.

OnX Enterprise Solutions will be sponsoring this event, and that means there will be some great door prizes, “swag,” and even a few signed copies of my recent books as raffle prizes. It’ll be a fun evening filled with 12c knowledge, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.

Space is limited, so save the date on your calendar! Registration will open soon.



Remaking The Magnificent 7 – But in Dallas With 7 ACEs!

DOUG_LogoYou may have heard that (for whatever reason!) Hollywood is remaking the classic American western The Magificent Seven … but you’ll have a chance to see the Oracle ACE version of that production on October 20th in Dallas, TX when the Dallas Oracle Users Group (DOUG) presents a full day of technical training on all things Oracle Database.

I’ll be joining an esteemed cast, including my fellow ACEs Charles Kim, Cary Millsap, Dan Morgan, Kerry Osborne, Tanel Poder, and Nitin Vengurlekar, to provide the Dallas community with some top-notch expertise, advice, and perspectives on Oracle Database performance tuning as well as a closer look at the 12.2 release.

So be sure not to miss this truly, umm, magnificent event! See you there, pardners.

Two Continents, Four Cities, Five Days: 2016 OTN APAC Tour

APACOUGI’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining the 2016 OTN Asia Pacific Tour again this year after my hiatus in 2015. This time, I’ll be traveling to four cities on two continents – Sydney and Perth in Australia, and Beijing and Shanghai in China – to spread the knowledge of Oracle 12cR1 Database halfway around the world from my home.

My journey starts on October 31st in Sydney, Australia, for the 2016 Sydney OTN Day. Then on November 2nd we head to Australia’s Gold Cost as we visit Perth, Australia as guests of our hosts, the Independent Australian Oracle Users Group (IAOUG). I’ve dreamed of visiting Australia – especially Perth! – since my sophomore high school geography class in, oh, let’s just say late in the last century, before disco was popular.

The Oracle ACE juggernaut then moves on to Beijing, China where we’ll be presenting our combined knowledge as guests of the ACOUG on November 4th and 5th. Finally, my part of the tour ends on November 6 in Shanghai, China when the Shanghai Oracle Users Group hosts our team. I’m looking forward to practicing my minimalist Mandarin and finding out how Oracle Database technology powers the second-largest economy in the world.

It sounds exhausting yet exhilirating! I’m looking forward to joining up with a team of top Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors to provide the best-ever APAC tour.


Catch 12cR1 RAT By the Tail, and Learn More About Security Risks

IOUG_LogoOnce again,  I’m honored and excited to have an article in IOUG SELECT Journal’s 3rd Quarter 2016 edition. This time, I’m delving deeply into the latest features of Oracle 12cR1 Real Application Testing in the first part of a two-part series entitled Regression Analyzed, Tout de Suite: Leveraging Oracle 12c Database Real Application Testing (RAT) Suite. I’ve recently leveraged that tool to experiment with multiple scenarios for evaluating Oracle Database’s Database In-Memory Features … which I’ll explain in the second part of the series, of course! If you don’t have an IOUG membership, you can still browse a copy of my article in PDF format … but seriously, shouldn’t you have membership in one of the best Oracle User Groups in North America?

I also enjoyed interviewing my able colleague Der’ly Guiterrez from OnX Enterprise Solutions for his article entitled The Wolf Is Always at the (Hospital) Door: Reducing Information Security Risks for Health Care Organizations.  Der’ly’s role as OnX’s Security Practice lead gave us a chance to explore some of the typical challenges that security breaches of IT organizations can cause, especially when that organization is responsible for sensitive PHI or PCI data.


Don’t Miss My 9-28 Webinar on New Features of Oracle Database

onx-black-200I’m especially excited to tell everyone about my upcoming webinar – the fifth in this year’s bimonthly webinar series on all things Oracle Database 12c – on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 1:00 PM CST (2 PM EST, 11 AM PST) – because my brain will be near to exploding after nearly eight days of intense immersion into the world of Oracle at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

This time, I’ll be looking at the most significant features of the very latest Oracle Database Release ( We’ll look at 12cR2’s significant upgrades to Database In-Memory, Sharded Databases and Big Data, and – most impressively – Pluggable Database 2.0, including the ability to migrate PDBs between different CDBs without incurring any downtime.

I’m also adding something new into the mix: real-time polling to find out what features are most interesting to all of you attending, so that you can find out what our fellow Oracle DBAs and application developers are the most compelling features!

As always, registration is free but it’s filling up especially quickly for this webinar. Our July 29th webinar had 500 open slots, and we ran out of openings days before, so this time I’ve asked OnX to offer a few hundred more slots. I look forward to hearing your feedback after you attend!

Let Me Help You Find Your Oracle Roots: POUG, 7-8 October, Warsaw, Poland

POUG_LogoAt the invitation of Kamil Stawiarski, my good friend and fellow Oracle ACE, I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be returning to the country of my grandparents to speak at the Polish Oracle Users Group (POUG)’s  1st International Oracle Conference in Warsaw, Poland on 7-8 October.

I noticed that my POUG colleagues have already created an avatar that reflects my passion about All Things Oracle. I’ll be presenting two of my favorite topics:

DBA, Heal Thyself: Five Diseases of IT Organizations and How to Cure Them

I’ll spend some time discussing my viewpoints on the state of IT today, how the role of Oracle DBA has changed over the past 15 years, and how those roles need to evolve as well, especially when using Oracle 12c.

Analyze This! Practical Examples of Oracle Analytical Functions

We’ll look at some neat tricks that leverage lesser-known 12c Database analytical functions to quickly answer difficult queries with only minimal coding, including some slick techniques to analyze unseen patterns in data.

Even more exciting: As far as I know, I am the first of the branch of the Czuprynski extended family in America to reach out to my (presumed) cousins in Poland. Indeed, I may be the very first to return there since my grandfather, Jozef, left there in the early 1890s to seek his fortune in Chicago, Illinois.

After several years of fruitless searching for my family’s roots, I located Jakub Czuprynski, who it turns out is my second cousin – and he should know, because he’s a professional genealogist. I’m hoping to meet my long-lost family in Poland and find out more about their trials and tribulations since my grandfather’s emigration over 125 years ago.

To paraphrase Alex Hailey: “I have found you, Jozef Czuprynski! At last I have found you.”

8/23/16 Forecast, Southern Florida: Hot. Sunny. Oracle 12c!

SOUG._LogoMy colleague and fellow Oracle ACE, Troy Ligon, has graciously asked me to share my knowledge of Oracle Database 12c with members of the SunCoast Oracle Users Group (SOUG) on August 23rd in St. Petersburg, Florida. Registration is now open for this event, so feel free to sign up. I’ll be presenting two of my most requested Oracle Database 12c topics:

Analyze This! Practical Examples of Oracle Analytical Functions

I’ll show you some powerful techniques to leverage some of the lesser-known 12c Database analytical functions to quickly answer difficult queries with a lot less coding, including some neat code examples and techniques to analyze unseen patterns in data.

Migrating and Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c Quickly with Near-Zero Downtime

Many IT shops are waiting for 12c Release 2 to complete their migration from earlier releases. But whether you’re migrating just your current data to Oracle Database 12c or trying to figure out how to best upgrade an existing pre-12c database, I’ve found it’s really helpful to know all of your options. I’ll be discussing the obvious as well as lesser-known techniques to migrate and databases – either in whole, or just chunks at  a time! – quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

And since my employer, OnX Enterprise Solutions, is sponsoring this event, you can be sure there will be some great “swag” and probably even a few signed copies of my recent books on Oracle Database Administration as raffle prizes. Looking forward to seeing you all there, my Floridian colleagues!