Cue The Flying Monkeys


Cowardly Lion: I just hope my courage holds out.

Scarecrow: I just hope your tail holds out!

–          From The Wizard of Oz (with apologies to Frank L. Baum)

There’s an old saw in the IT industry about the difference between an old contractor and a new contractor. The new contractor is always saying, “I just wish I had more clients!” while the old contractor sighs and says, “I just wish I had more time.” The past several weeks has made me appreciate the truth behind that proverb, as I’ve finally gotten my marching orders for the next several months:

On February 6, 2013 at 11:00 CST, I’ll be presenting at the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) 2nd annual 2013 Exadata SIG Virtual Conference. I’ll do my level best to demystify Exadata’s I/O Resource Manager (IORM) features, including a detailed discussion of how to implement and monitor IORM in an Exadata Database Machine environment. Perhaps just as importantly, I’ll also discuss why IORM offers several potential advantages in every Exadata environment as our C-level management continues to insist that we all get used to “doing more with less.”

If you’re planning to attend IOUG’s COLLABORATE13 conference in Denver, Colorado during the week of Sunday, April 7th, be sure to set aside some time to attend my presentation, An Exploration of the Next Generation of the Oracle Database, on the rich new feature set of Oracle 12c Database. I’ll be talking about the top features that any Oracle 11g DBA can bring to bear immediately in the cloud-centric world of Oracle 12c, especially Container databases (CDBs) and Pluggable databases (PDBs), Automatic Data Optimization (ADO), automatic data redaction via security policies, and several other impressive new features. (Note: My presentation is scheduled for Thursday, April 11th at 11:00 MST, but be sure to check the conference’s schedule in the coming weeks because I have a feeling I may be presenting this topic more than once at that conference.)

Finally, if you’re in the neighborhood of Scandinavia during the week of Sunday, April 14th, please join the Oracle User’s Group Norway (OUGN) for its 2013 Oracle Varseminar. This conference starts in Oslo, Norway on April 17th and proceeds shipboard via the MV Color Magic across the Baltic Sea for a three-day round-trip cruise between Oslo and Kiel, Germany. I’ll be presenting on two of my favorite topics: When Smart Scan Plays Dumb, Teach Exadata Some New Tricks – in other words, how to make Smart Scan “pay attention” when it otherwise refuses to cooperate; and Parallelize or Perish! Implementing Oracle 11gR2 Parallelism Features for Maximum Performance, during which I’ll
discuss how to leverage Oracle 11gR2 Database’s parallelism features like Auto Degree of Parallelism (ADOP) and In-Memory Parallel Execution (IMPE) for faster, more efficient execution of both SQL queries and DML statements

So cue the flying monkeys. And I just hope my tail holds out.


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