C13DEN and OUGN2013: An Update

I successfully survived unexpected snow in Denver, Colorado, a mild case of trans-Atlantic jet lag, and a slightly rough Baltic Sea passage to participate in and present at IOUG’s COLLABORATE13 and OUG Norway’s OUGN2013 conferences, both in the space of just two weeks. It was exhilarating to renew acquaintances with old friends and past students as well as make dozens of new contacts at both conferences.

The inspirational speakers at COLLABORATE13 were also excellent. I have to admit that at first I didn’t understand the relevance of Aron Ralston – he of “127 Hours” fame – as a speaker for a bunch of techno-geeks and folks that are supposed to prevent disasters like having to cut off your own hand with a dull knife, but his story sucked me right in. And Sean Tucker’s discussion of how he became an aerobatic pilot -“I was scared of crashing!” – as well as his dramatic video during a flat spin (“This is what I was doing when I crashed my first stunt plane! … Oops, we just lost our propeller.”) made me appreciate that other professionals also have “media recovery complete” moments.

After Denver and a quick stop to pick up some clean clothes, I headed over to Oslo, Norway for my first-ever trip to Europe. The OUGN2013 team had prepared an excellent, professional, yet almost intimate conference with top-notch talent, including Tom Kyte, Melanie Caffrey, and Cary Millsap. I especially enjoyed Cary’s discussion about what’s really important in life, and as he admitted, “I’m not sure what we’re supposed to be doing here, I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to always be comfortable doing it.” Tom Kyte’s presentation on the 12 key features of Oracle 12c opened my eyes to the power of this impending release, and Melanie Caffrey’s discussion on how to effectively manage a software project to achieve key deliverables on time and still have a happy team at the end of the project was relevatory.

I’ve posted my presentations from both conferences on my Presentations page. Please note that the accompanying white paper for my presentation on the newest features of the next release of the Oracle database isn’t there yet because I’m bound to hold that information in confidence until the official release of Oracle 12c in the coming months, but as soon as that happens, I’ll be sure to publish it here as well. Of course, all these presentations will also be available eventually on the corresponding web sites for IOUG and OUGN.

Thanks to all my current colleagues and all my new-made friends from Norway, Europe, and North America for making my presentations a success, for elevating my appreciation of Oracle to new heights, and most of all for making me and my wife feel incredibly welcome during our first (and hopefully not our last!) visit to Oslo.


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