Oracle 12cR1 New Features, Part 1: Security Enhancements

My colleagues at Confio have just published my first article in a three-part series on the myriad new features of Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12cR1) via Confio’s venerable portal, LogicalRead.

This first article focuses on some of the new security features in Oracle 12cR1, including:

  • The new system privileges specific to RMAN backups, TDE, and Data Guard administration
  • The new options for recreating a database’s password file to accommodate these new system privileges
  • The capability to identify excessively powerful system and object privileges that might have been GRANTed by mistake … even those which have never been used

This new article series also includes code samples on how to leverage these new features immediately in an Oracle 12cR1 environment. Please be sure to take a peek at peek at this information – it may just revolutionize the way you’ve been using the SYSDBA role in your day-to-day Oracle database administration activities.


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