Winter Is Coming. But So Is an Oracle 12c Spring

As the last day of November wanes and the shadows of winter grow long upon our beautiful snow-covered lake here in Wisconsin, my thoughts naturally turn to the upcoming New Year and what it’s bringing: some excellent opportunities to spread the word on Oracle Database 12c‘s latest elegant, powerful features.

For the first time in my Oracle evangelizing career, I’m honored and humbled to have been selected to present at Hotsos Symposium 2014 on March 3 – 5, 2014 in Irving, TX. My topic, How Hot Is My Data? Leveraging Automatic Database Optimization (ADO) Features in Oracle 12c Database For Dramatic Performance Improvements, will focus on new Oracle 12c features that make it possible to migrate data dynamically and automatically from one level of storage and compression to another as data gets “colder” over time. I’ll be demonstrating how 12c uses heat maps and data optimization policies to make the most of Tier 0, 1, and 2 level storage, Advanced Compression, and Hybrid Columnar Compression.

I’m also happy to report that I’ll be at IOUG’s COLLABORATE14 conference on April 7-11, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve got three main topics I’ll be presenting:

  • Session 185 will be a reprise of my Hotsos Symposium 2014 presentation on Automatic Database Optimization (ADO) features in Oracle 12c.
  • Session 186 is titled Blink and You’ll Miss It: Migrating, Cloning and Recovering Oracle 12c Databases At Warp Speed. Among other topics, I’ll be discussing and demonstrating several new methods for migrating pre-12c databases to Oracle 12c, cloning 12c‘s new Pluggable Databases (PDBs) at blinding speed, and how Recovery Manager makes it possible for uber-fast backups with 12c‘s support of multi-piece backups for datafile image copies.
  • Session 187, Something Old, Something New: Leveraging Oracle 12c’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Features for Improved Database Performance, will look at two revolutionary new features in 12c, In-Database Archiving (IDA) and Temporal Validity (TV), that will now make it possible to store multiple versions of the same row within a segment separated only by time.

 As usual, there will be a cornucopia of other top-notch speakers at both Hotsos Symposium 2014 and COLLABORATE14, including Tom Kyte, Maria Colgan, Bryn Llewellyn, Cary Milsap, Kerry Osborne, and many other rising stars in the Oracle knowledge universe. I hope you can make the time and commitment to increase your technical know-how of all things Oracle at one or more of these conferences … because that’s why I attend them as well. I look forward to seeing you there!


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