Tell Your Tales at COLLABORATE14’s Oracle 12c SIG Meeting

My able colleague Anuj Mohan has asked me to take the helm of the Oracle 12c Database Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting at IOUG COLLABORATE14. We’ll meet on Thursday, April 10th between 12:15 and 13:15 PDT (the location is still TBD). So please plan on joining your colleagues if you:

  • Like me, are fanatical about Oracle 12c’s new features; or
  • Want to tell your success stories or tales of woe from your latest 12c implementation; or
  • Affect the direction of our SIG in the coming months as we ramp up for the release of the new In-Memory Database Option (IMDO) sometime this year

… please be sure to set aside some time to influence the direction of our SIG. It’s a great chance to have your voice heard and to establish your “street credibility” among your Oracle colleagues in all things 12c! I hope to see you there.


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