Oracle 12c’s Newest Histograms: IOUG SELECT Journal Articles Now Available

My latest Oracle 12c article on is now available in print as well as the IOUG SELECT Journal website: It’s all about those pesky frequency distributions that the Oracle optimizer can use to make extremely short work of skewed data.

And if you haven’t seen my ongoing 12c Database features series at IOUG SELECT, my able colleagues at IOUG have permitted me to place PDF copies of my articles on my blog site so that you can all ramp up your Oracle 12c skills. You can find these articles from previous IOUG SELECT Journal editions on this blog’s new Articles page.

Please be sure to check out these new articles – they may just provide enough ammunition for explaining exactly why now is a great time for your organization to consider the efiicacy and efficiency of Oracle 12c when compared to your current Oracle database release.


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