A Sus Ordenes: OTN Latin America North Tour

I’ve spent the last week feverishly preparing a new chapter for our upcoming book on Oracle Database Migration, Transformation and Tuning. The Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS) feature set is looking to be an awesome tool for migrating tablespaces en masse between platforms … especially when migrating to Oracle 12c!

In the midst of all my XTTS research and experimentation, I found out that I’m officially going to attend the last two legs of the OTN Latin America North Tour in Bogota, Colombia on August 15-16 and in Quito, Ecuador on August 18-19. I’m absolutely thrilled to finally visit places in South America that I’d only read about while translating Spanish literature to English in high school sometime during the last millennium. A warning to my Colombian and Ecuadorean colleagues: Por favor digame tus preguntas mas despaciamente! I promise to slow down my usual rapid delivery of the English language as well during my four presentations.



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