Kia Ora! See You In Auckland, NZ @ NZOUG

I am privileged to be presenting on two Oracle 12c Database features yet again this month. This time, however, will be the farthest I’ve ever travelled from home to talk about all things Oracle: I will be attending the closing few days of the OTN ACE Director APAC Tour in Auckland, New Zealand on November 19th and 20th.

It’s my first time visiting New Zealand as well, so I’m looking forward to the legendary Kiwi hospitality, scenery, and wit. It is a great honor to walk the same ground as Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf the Grey, and Aragorn son of Arathorn. (Yes, I am an LOTR geek as well – I know that NZ is not Middle Earth, but according to Peter Jackson, it should be.)

I look forward to meeting my fellow ACEs and ACE Directors in Auckland later this month! Between us all and our gracious hosts, the New Zealand Oracle Users Group (NZOUG), I know it will be a fantastic gathering. Please put out the word to anyone in that corner of the world!

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