Is Hotsos 2015 On Your Horizon? A Discount May Help You Decide!

I just found out that I’ve been selected to present this year at Hotsos Symposium 2015 in Dallas, TX this coming March 1-5. It’s a great honor to be chosen, and it’s my second year in a row, so I’m really pumped to be attending this year!

Hotsos 2015 features the top talent of the Oracle community focusing its collective efforts to improve Oracle database and application performance. I’ll be just one of the featured 28 speakers this year; I’ll be presenting my findings on Oracle Database’s most exciting feature setIn Memory Column Store – as well as In Memory Aggregation and Advanced Index Compression. And there will be a full day of optional training led by Carlos Sierra and Maura Pagano as well. The best part of Hotsos is its intimacy; I had a chance to talk in person to some of the top “rock stars” of Oracle Corporation, including Tom Kyte and Maria Colgan, about the future of the 12c Database without feeling like I was pinning them against a wall to get their autographs.

The good news: You can get a $250 discount for attendance if you sign up soon – just use code 14BSYMSA. Remember that this discount also applies to the virtual attendance option as well – an option that’s been if travelling to a warmer climate in March isn’t within your organization’s travel budget. (For group rates, please contact Stacey Aucoin @ Hotsos.)

I hope to see you all there! It’s going to be an absolutely awesome gathering of talent.