COUG: We Meet Again! on 2/19/2015

The February 2015 meeting of the Chicago Oracle Users Group (COUG) is scheduled for February 19th at 6PM – 8PM at the Schaumburg Marriott (50 North Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL). Registration is limited to 75 people, so be sure to register soon to guarantee a seat.

I’ll be presenting The Best of Both Worlds: In-Memory Column Store and Advanced Index Compression in Oracle Database This will be a relatively deep dive into how to take advantage of the latest Oracle Database features, including illustrations of how to:

  • Implement the In-Memory Column Store at the database, tablespace, table, and columnar levels to improve DW and DSS query performance by orders of magnitude
  • Apply In-Memory Aggregation to improve the performance of star-schema queries while limiting CPU utilization
  • Leverage Advanced Index Compression features to improve query performance when indexes are available

My able colleague Kevin Papreck from Oracle Corporation will also be presenting Oracle Database 12c Storage Performance and Analytics – Stop Guessing, Start Knowing:

  • Are you a DBA watching your database performance degrade without the right analytics to identify and resolve the bottleneck?
  • Or are you a storage administrator wondering what the move to Oracle Database 12c pluggable databases and containers will do to your infrastructure?

Join this session to find out how you can get the most out of your 12c implementation with the co-engineered benefits of Oracle’s application engineered NAS storage.

This COUG meeting is being sponsored for the first time by Alliance Technology Group LLC, an Oracle Gold Partner that was recently awarded the Oracle Excellence Award 2014 North America Partner of the Year. Of course, there will be food, a raffle, and comraderie too. So if you’re in the Chicago metropolitan area on the evening of 2/19, I sincerely hope you can join us for these presentations.


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