Oracle Database 12c SIG @ C15LV

For eve12c SIG @ C15LVryone that’s interested in the future of the Oracle Database as we know it, I strongly encourage you to attend a brief meeting of the Oracle Database 12c SIG at IOUG COLLABORATE15 in Las Vegas, NV (C15LV) at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 14th. We’ll meet (very!) informally to discuss the following topics:

  • When will support for pre-12c releases officially end?
  • When should I start planning to upgrade my current Oracle databases to Oracle 12c? (Hint: You should have started already!)
  • What resources are available to help me migrate, transform, and/or upgrade my current database to 12c?
  • Should I migrate to Release, or make the jump to
  • Should I wait for 12c Release 2?

These topics – plus any others you may want to discuss – will be front and center at our growing SIG. Please join me for what I’m sure will be an energetic discussion!


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