Join Me In Dallas on 4/23 @DOUG For New Oracle 12cR1 Topics

I’m excited and honored to announce that I’ve been asked to speak again at the Dallas Oracle User’s Group (DOUG) at their coming April 23rd meeting. My topics will be:

Precisely My Point: Leverage Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping in Oracle Database

I’ll explain how to use the brand-new Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping features for improved query performance in Oracle Database

A Smart Optimizer Gets Even Smarter: New Histograms in Oracle 12cR1

I’ll show how Oracle Database 12c’s two new histograms – Top Frequency and Hybrid – can dramatically improve the accuracy of cardinality estimates, construction of better execution plans, and speedier access to skewed data sources.

My new allies, Alliance Technical Group LLC, are also sponsoring this event, so I’m sure that there will be plenty of excellent “vendor swag” as well. Registration for this event is open already, and I anticipate there will be a full crowd as there was when I presented in Dallas last August, so please be sure to sign up soon!


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