Learn Oracle Database 12c On a Budget

If you’ve wanted to upgrade your knowledge on Oracle Database 12c to include some of the neatest new features of release, you’ve probably priced out the cost of the Oracle University five-day Database 12c New Features course and suffered extreme sticker shock … especially if it’s been a while since you took an OU class.

But if you’re just trying to get your head around some of the most beneficial features of 12c Database – especially the new In-Memory Column Store features! – I’m happy to announce an excellent introduction into these features and many others, including Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping, advanced partitioning operations, partial partitioned indexes, automatic SQL tuning, and many more. Pearson is offering a sneak peak at my new six-part video series, Oracle 12c New Features Part 1 LiveLessons, via Safari Books Online.

And if you are already a Safari Books Online subscriber, you can get a free preview of the full course right now! Just use this link to dive into the introduction to the online course. (If you’re not already a Safari subscriber, you’ll only be able to view the first 30 seconds or so of each lesson.)

Please let me (and, of course, the folks at Pearson) know what you think! I’d be thrilled to hear your feedback.

Full disclosure: I have also taught Oracle University classes to over 2000 DBAs since 2005. The 12c New Features course is excellent, especially when you have had the benefit of me as your instructor (at least based on the grades you’ve given me over the years). If you are planning to take the 12c OCP Upgrade test, I highly recommend it, especially in concert with one of Oracle’s approved certification exam simulators.


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