Migrating Your Database to Oracle 12c? This Book Will Help!

Oracle DBA Best Practices for DB Migration, Trasformation, or Upgrade
Oracle DB Migration, Upgrade, and Transformation

If you are in the midst of migrating, transforming, or upgrading your existing database from Oracle 10g or 11g to Oracle 12c and you’re searching for exactly the right techniques to leverage during your project, please do check out our new book – it’s designed to help you think creatively about the method(s) you can leverage most effectively for your project.

I just received a few copies of our book – my very first Oracle Press publication¬† – and I must admit that there is nothing more humbling than seeing one’s name in print for the very first time. I want to thank my co-author Ed Whalen for his patience while I learned the ropes of publishing, and my hat is off to my colleagues – especially Hans Forbich, our valiant technical editor, and our Oracle Press editors Wendy Rinaldi and Janet Walden – for all their assistance over the past year. It has been a most interesting endeavor!

NOTE: Our book officially launches on June 5, 2015 but I wanted to give you all advance notice of its publication. You can decide to pre-order it here if you’d like to get an advance copy. It will be available in e-Book format as well.


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