Scandia-lous! Join Me at 2015 Nordic ACE Director Tour

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to present at the 2015 Nordic ACE Director tour! I’m also quite humbled that my ACE colleagues from across Scandinavia even considered me for this great honor, so of course I’ve accepted. I’ll be joining My able ACE Director colleagues – Sten Vesterli, Julian Dontcheff, and Ronald van Luttikhuizen – to talk about all aspects of Oracle as we traverse four countries of Scandinavia during the week of September 15, 2015. Here’s a quick summary of our venues:

Tuesday,September 15: Helsinki, Finland

We start our tour in Helsinki as guests of the Finnish Oracle User Group (OUGF) at the Dubrovnik Lounge and Lobby. I’ll be presenting on Oracle Database 12c‘s newest features – In-Memory Column Store (IMCS), Attribute Clustering, and Zone Maps – in the afternoon, before we fly to our next destination on the tour:

Wednesday, September 16: Copenhagen, Denmark

Our band of ACE Directors will appear on stage at the Oracle offices in Ballerup. I’ll be on the sidelines, but ready to answer any of your Oracle Database 12c questions. Then we’re off to the airport to fly on to our next stop:

Thursday, September 17: Oslo, Norway

We’ll be guests of the Norway Oracle User Group (OUGN) at our venue, the Radisson Blu Nyalden. I’ll talk again about Oracle Database 12c‘s newest features – In-Memory Column Store (IMCS) and its new Top Frequency and Hybrid histograms – before we fly on to our final destination:

Friday, September 18: Stockholm, Sweden

Our ACE Director juggernaut concludes with our final sessions at the offices of Scania IT as guests of our hosts, the Swedish Oracle User Group. I’ll present on Oracle Database 12c‘s new In-Memory feature set in the afternoon, and then hopefully have a chance for an extended social hour to meet with everyone.

For complete details, check out the 2015 Nordic ACE Director Tour website, including profiles of my colleague presenters and summaries of our presentations. I look forward to seeing you in September somewhere in Scandinavia!


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