Join Me On March 3, 2016 for Georgia OUG’s Tech Day

GaOUG Tech Day 2016I’m honored to announce that my colleagues at the Georgia Oracle Users Group has asked me to present at their 2016 Tech Day conference on March 3rd in Atlanta, GA.

In a departure from my usual totally Oracle technology-centric message, my presentation – entitled DBA, Heal Thyself: Five Diseases of IT Organizations and How to Cure Them – will focus on how the role of Oracle DBA has changed over the past 15 years as well as how DBAs need to view their roles within their organizations. Of course, you can bet that I’ll be inflicting my unique insights (as well as my “Yankee” attempts at humor) about the state of IT today as I see it on my Southern brothers and sisters as I describe five specific maladies I’ve observed within many IT shops and how an Oracle DBA’s orientation towards her role often makes the difference in curing those ailments.

So if you are planning to be in the Atlanta area on Thursday, March 3rd, be sure to register for this conference as soon as possible. I hope to see you there!



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