What Happens In Vegas … Stays With You Forever (If It Happens At COLLABORATE16)

C16LVYou’ve heard that old saying: What happens in Vegas … stays in Vegas. I’ve found that to be true except for one event – IOUG’s annual COLLABORATE conference – and C16LV looks like it’s going to be another banner event for the Oracle Database community. I’m honored to be attending for my fourth consecutive year, and this year I’ve got two brand-new presentations on Oracle Database 12c. Both are currently scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, April 11th, but please do check the C16LV calendar should dates and times change:

  • In my first session (#4354), Ramping Up to the Next Release of the Oracle Database, I’ll share with you what I believe are some of the most intriguing and useful features of the next release of Oracle Database 12c. (For legal reasons, I’m not allowed to call it by its eventual name.) While much of this newest release is still being extensively beta-tested, I’ll describe some of its most intriguing new feature sets, what they mean to a typical Oracle DBA, and why you should consider getting ready to make the transition to the next release … by moving to Oracle 12cR1 ahead of time.
  • Since I hope to have whetted your desire to migrate to Oracle Database 12cR1 as soon as possible, in Session #4330: Migrating and Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c Quickly with Near-Zero Downtime, I’ll discuss several different methods to achieve that goal.

I’ll also be sitting in with my fellow Oracle ACEs Mike Ault and Tariq Farooq to discuss our experiences with Oracle Exadata in Session #4388: Formula One Performance on Exadata – Gold Standards & Best Practices, Tips & Tricks. And since the next 12c release is quite literally just around the corner, be sure to join me at the Oracle Database 12c SIG Meeting! It’s going to be one heckuva conference – be sure to register so you don’t miss a minute of valuable content, especially if you’re considering upgrading your databases to Oracle 12c in the next few months.


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