One New Publisher, Two New Articles

I’m excited to announce that the renowned publication Database Trends and Analysis (DBTA) has chosen to print my latest article on Oracle Database 12c In-Memory features entitled Tips for Accelerating Analytics with Oracle Database In-Memory. It was quite humbling to have my colleagues at Oracle, especially Maria Colgan (whom I think of as the Goddess of All Things DBIM) thoroughly vet my understanding of IMCS. I hope you find it an interesting read that drives you to consider leveraging the unique advantages of In-Memory Column Store for speeding up your analytic queries and decision support workloads. There’s more in-memory magic coming in the next few months when Oracle 12c Release 2 finally arrives, but this is a great time to start familiarizing yourself with IMCS features and benefits.

Of course, I’m also excited about my most recent article in IOUG SELECT Journal’s 2nd Quarter 2016 edition entitled DBA, Heal Thyself: Five Diseases of IT Organizations and How Oracle DBAs Can Cure Them. As its title suggests, I’ve summarized five typical maladies of IT organizations today that I’ve seen in the past 15 years as an Oracle DBA, Oracle University instructor, consultant, and pre-sales associate. For the first time ever, a publisher has seen fit to print something from me without [… drum roll …] a single line of code in it.  I’m sure it will cause some raised eyebrows, some heads nodding in agreement, and perhaps even a flash of anger and frustration, but that’s what I intended because if you’re an Oracle DBA today, I share your pain (and your organization’s as well). If you don’t have an IOUG membership, you can still browse a copy of my article in PDF format … but seriously, shouldn’t you have membership in one of the best Oracle User Groups in North America? I look forward hopefully to your amusement, await your comments, and apologize in advance if I’ve stirred your passion. Please enjoy!


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