Just Published: Oracle Database Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Handbook

Oracle_PSTAt long last, I’m honored to announce that my second book has been published!

I labored intensely alongside my co-authors – Mike Ault, Tariq Farooq, Guy Harrison, Mohammed Houri, Syed Jaffar Hussain, and Paulo Portugal – to bring our years of experience to bear on some of the more common (and not-so-common!) problems that an Oracle DBA is likely to encounter during her career and provide common-sense, practical solutions to solving those problems in short order.

So feel free to take a look inside at our new book. It’s available in soft-cover as well as Kindle format. And please let us know what you think – don’t be afraid to write a quick review if you’ve found the common-sense strategies and techniques have been helpful to your career or just in your day-to-day Oracle DBA activities.


2 thoughts on “Just Published: Oracle Database Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Handbook

  1. Hi Jim
    Thank you for your help. I see that there is a recent book and it seems very good as well and i am really interested in it. But, my question was related to your another book “Oracle Database Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Handbook”. For it i couldn’t find any link were i can download the code used in the book. Can you help?

  2. George, I’ve reached out to Pearson to find out where the code listings are for this book. Are there any particular chapters you are most interested in? I might already have that information and can get it to you post-haste. You can e-mail me directly at jczuprynski@zerodefectcomputing.com and we can get the ball rolling.

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