8/23/16 Forecast, Southern Florida: Hot. Sunny. Oracle 12c!

SOUG._LogoMy colleague and fellow Oracle ACE, Troy Ligon, has graciously asked me to share my knowledge of Oracle Database 12c with members of the SunCoast Oracle Users Group (SOUG) on August 23rd in St. Petersburg, Florida. Registration is now open for this event, so feel free to sign up. I’ll be presenting two of my most requested Oracle Database 12c topics:

Analyze This! Practical Examples of Oracle Analytical Functions

I’ll show you some powerful techniques to leverage some of the lesser-known 12c Database analytical functions to quickly answer difficult queries with a lot less coding, including some neat code examples and techniques to analyze unseen patterns in data.

Migrating and Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c Quickly with Near-Zero Downtime

Many IT shops are waiting for 12c Release 2 to complete their migration from earlier releases. But whether you’re migrating just your current data to Oracle Database 12c or trying to figure out how to best upgrade an existing pre-12c database, I’ve found it’s really helpful to know all of your options. I’ll be discussing the obvious as well as lesser-known techniques to migrate and databases – either in whole, or just chunks at  a time! – quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

And since my employer, OnX Enterprise Solutions, is sponsoring this event, you can be sure there will be some great “swag” and probably even a few signed copies of my recent books on Oracle Database Administration as raffle prizes. Looking forward to seeing you all there, my Floridian colleagues!


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