Catch 12cR1 RAT By the Tail, and Learn More About Security Risks

IOUG_LogoOnce again,  I’m honored and excited to have an article in IOUG SELECT Journal’s 3rd Quarter 2016 edition. This time, I’m delving deeply into the latest features of Oracle 12cR1 Real Application Testing in the first part of a two-part series entitled Regression Analyzed, Tout de Suite: Leveraging Oracle 12c Database Real Application Testing (RAT) Suite. I’ve recently leveraged that tool to experiment with multiple scenarios for evaluating Oracle Database’s Database In-Memory Features … which I’ll explain in the second part of the series, of course! If you don’t have an IOUG membership, you can still browse a copy of my article in PDF format … but seriously, shouldn’t you have membership in one of the best Oracle User Groups in North America?

I also enjoyed interviewing my able colleague Der’ly Guiterrez from OnX Enterprise Solutions for his article entitled The Wolf Is Always at the (Hospital) Door: Reducing Information Security Risks for Health Care Organizations.  Der’ly’s role as OnX’s Security Practice lead gave us a chance to explore some of the typical challenges that security breaches of IT organizations can cause, especially when that organization is responsible for sensitive PHI or PCI data.



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