November 16th: Find Out How to RAT Out 12cR1 Performance Regression

onx-black-200I’m especially excited to tell everyone about my upcoming webinar – the sixth in this year’s bimonthly webinar series on all things Oracle Database 12c – on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 1:00 PM CST (2 PM EST, 11 AM PST) – because this time, I’ll be looking at the most significant features of one of Oracle’s most under-rated suites – Real Application Testing (RAT).

I’ve found that most Oracle DBAs aren’t aware of its expanded powers in Oracle Database 12cR1 … and that’s a pity, because it has potential to make extremely short work of finding out exactly how your database applications will perform in a 12cR1 environment, even in “nightmare” mode during a test to destruction. We’ll also be doing some real-time polling to find out how your fellow Oracle DBAs and application developers plan to leverage the most compelling features of 12cR1 RAT Suite.

As always, registration is free but it’s likely to fill up quickly for this webinar. Even though our last webinar had over 650 open slots, we began to run out of openings days before. I look forward to hearing your feedback after you attend!


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