My Next Book: Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Testing Tools and Techniques for Performance Stability

I am excited to announce the pre-release of my third co-authored book in as many years: Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Testing Tools and Techniques for Performance Stability.

My extremely talented and loquacious co-authors include database performance benchmarking expert and Oracle ACE Dr. Bert Scalzo,  and Oracle ACE Director Deiby Gomez, the youngest Oracle ACE in the world. We are leveraging our combined years of experience working with Oracle Databases to provide a new look at the testing tools that are built into Oracle Enterprise Edition.

Our book will be looking closely at the myriad different tools available for Oracle 12cR2 SQL performance tuning techniques, but we’ll also be diving deeply into the rich feature sets of Real Application Testing Suite and Database In-Memory. We’re also focusing our efforts on getting everyone ready to tune application workload performance in an Oracle Cloud environment; we have actively leveraged the same environments that any Oracle DBA can use on either a free or subscription basis to prove out techniques that measure the impacts of switching from on-premises hardware to Cloud-based data centers.

Our book won’t be available until just before Oracle OpenWorld 2017, but you can pre-order it via or just stay posted on its release date here. And while you’re at it, be sure to check two other books that I’ve co-authored, Oracle Database Upgrade, Migration & Transformation Tips & Techniques from Oracle Press, and Oracle Database Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Handbook. All three of these books are available in either soft-cover and Kindle format.


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