1-2 September: POUG. Krakow. 12cR2.

Dzien dobry, my colleagues in Europe! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the High Five POUG conference on 1-2 September in beautiful Krakow, Poland. I’m thankful to my colleagues at ORA-600 for organizing this conference; last year’s gathering in Warsaw was packed with some of the best presenters I’ve had the honor to meet and featured excellent, in-depth technical information.

I’ll be presenting one of my favorite topics: Stop Guessing, Start Analyzing: New Analytic View Features in Oracle Database 12cR2. I’ll show you how to leverage the unique features of Analytic Views in 12cR2 that can save an Oracle DBA and application developers from writing inordinately complex code to solve multi-dimensional analytic queries.

Krakow is the Polish “city of kings” filled with marvelous architecture, deep history, and wonderful people … so if you haven’t visited this jewel of a city yet, here’s your chance. You will not leave hungry or thirsty, that’s for sure! I’m happy to report that I’ve been working on my Polish vocabulary and though I have advanced a bit beyond simple greetings, my presentation will still be in English yet again this year, prszepraszam.

Oh, and I’d like to mention that of all the speakers, I’m the only one with a Polish last name. That’s how exclusive this conference is! I’m looking forward to seeing all my European colleagues there. Don’t miss it!



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