A [Belated] Thanks to Oracle GroundBreakers

Yes, I know I’m just a bit late … but I’d like to take a brief break between testing out Autonomous Database intensely to shout out a big thank you to all the folks at Oracle and within the Oracle GroundBreakers community – ACEs, Java Champions, and GroundBreakers – that do a fantastic job of supporting the team of technical advocates that promote the technology running in the Cloud, on premises, and in between.

Halfway through my sixth year as an Oracle ACE Director, I’ve visited some amazing places on six continents, but ultimately, it’s about the user community we support through our efforts. I’ve had a very small part in something huge, and I couldn’t have contributed that without the support of the ACE program, my fellow technology advocates, and most of all the people I’ve tried to inspire through my articles, books, blogs, and presentations.

So here’s to all of us – a toast: May our ARCHIVELOG directories never fill up; may our APEX applications keeping APEXing; and may the only Java that goes sour be the coffee we’ve left in our travel mugs over a long weekend away from work.

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