June 6th: Putting the DBA in D-Day at NATCAPOUG

At the invitation of my friend and colleague Erik Benner, I’m thrilled to present one of my favorite Oracle 12cR2 topics at a brand-new Oracle User Group – the National Capital OUG (NATCAPOUG) – on this coming June 6th. So if you are in the Reston, VA or Washington, DC area that evening, please be sure to register for that event and I hope to see you there!

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn:

Stop Guessing, Start Analyzing: New Analytic View Features in Oracle Database 12cR2

If you’re either an Oracle DBA or an applications developer who works with data warehouses, you already know that answering complex business questions often require building extremely complex, n-dimensional queries against fact tables and dimensions stored within Oracle databases. Often, the toughest aspects of any business intelligence endeavors involve establishing accurate business rules about the relationships between data. What if there was an easier way? Fortunately, Oracle 12cR2 offers a brand-new answer: Analytic Views, an entirely new set of database objects aimed at making short work of these analytical tasks. If you attend this session, be prepared to leave with practical examples of how to leverage these powerful new features.

Oracle Database 12c SIG @ C15LV

For eve12c SIG @ C15LVryone that’s interested in the future of the Oracle Database as we know it, I strongly encourage you to attend a brief meeting of the Oracle Database 12c SIG at IOUG COLLABORATE15 in Las Vegas, NV (C15LV) at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 14th. We’ll meet (very!) informally to discuss the following topics:

  • When will support for pre-12c releases officially end?
  • When should I start planning to upgrade my current Oracle databases to Oracle 12c? (Hint: You should have started already!)
  • What resources are available to help me migrate, transform, and/or upgrade my current database to 12c?
  • Should I migrate to Release, or make the jump to
  • Should I wait for 12c Release 2?

These topics – plus any others you may want to discuss – will be front and center at our growing SIG. Please join me for what I’m sure will be an energetic discussion!

#C15LV: It’s On In Vegas, Baby!

I’ve just confirmed that I’ll be presenting yet again this year at IOUG’s COLLABORATE15 (#C15LV) this coming April 12-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. C15LV is once again packed with excellent content from scores of fantastic speakers, and I’m honored to have been included for a third straight year. My three sessions at this year’s conference  include:

#140: The Best of Both Worlds: In-Memory Column Store and Advanced Index Compression in Oracle Database

I’ll review the results of my experiments with the new In-Memory Column Store (IMCS) features of Oracle Database, including a look at the new In-Memory Aggregation feature set. I’ll also discuss how Advanced Index Compression can help lower index access times even when indexes may still be needed.

#147: Precisely My Point: Leverage Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping in Oracle Database

I’ll explain how to use the brand-new Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping features for improved query performance in Oracle Database

#149: A Smart Optimizer Gets Even Smarter: New Histograms in Oracle 12cR1

I’ll be demonstrating how Oracle Database 12c’s two new histograms – Top Frequency and Hybrid – can dramatically improve the accuracy of cardinality estimates, construction of better execution plans, and speedier access to skewed data sources.

I’m looking forward to another fantastic IOUG experience at C15LV this coming April. I hope to see you all there!