July 27: Meet Me in Dallas, Get Excited about Oracle 12cR2!

I’m excited and honored to announce that I’ve been asked to speak again at the Dallas Oracle User’s Group (DOUG) at their coming July 27th meeting. Registration is now open for this event, so be sure to sign up soon!  I’ll be reprising two of my most requested topics:

DBA 3.0: Transform Yourself into a Cloud DBA, or Face a Stormy Future

I’ll offer up my viewpoints on how five key trends in the IT industry – Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Security, and Reshoring – are having an impact on the role of the Oracle DBA within their IT organizations, and how it’s crucial to transform yourself into a Cloud DBA in 2017.

Stop Guessing, Start Analyzing: New Analytic View Features in Oracle Database 12cR2

If you’re either an Oracle DBA or an applications developer who works with data warehouses, you already know that answering complex business questions often require building extremely complex, n-dimensional queries against fact tables and dimensions stored within Oracle databases. Often, the toughest aspects of any business intelligence endeavors involve establishing accurate business rules about the relationships between data. What if there was an easier way? Fortunately, Oracle 12cR2 offers a brand-new answer: Analytic Views, an entirely new set of database objects aimed at making short work of these analytical tasks. If you attend this session, be prepared to leave with practical examples of how to leverage these powerful new features.

Oh, one more thing: My colleagues at ViON Corporation have graciously agreed to sponsor this event … and that means there will be some decent raffle prizes and “swag” on hand. Please be sure to join us, my Texas colleagues!



Let Me Help You Find Your Oracle Roots: POUG, 7-8 October, Warsaw, Poland

POUG_LogoAt the invitation of Kamil Stawiarski, my good friend and fellow Oracle ACE, I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be returning to the country of my grandparents to speak at the Polish Oracle Users Group (POUG)’s  1st International Oracle Conference in Warsaw, Poland on 7-8 October.

I noticed that my POUG colleagues have already created an avatar that reflects my passion about All Things Oracle. I’ll be presenting two of my favorite topics:

DBA, Heal Thyself: Five Diseases of IT Organizations and How to Cure Them

I’ll spend some time discussing my viewpoints on the state of IT today, how the role of Oracle DBA has changed over the past 15 years, and how those roles need to evolve as well, especially when using Oracle 12c.

Analyze This! Practical Examples of Oracle Analytical Functions

We’ll look at some neat tricks that leverage lesser-known 12c Database analytical functions to quickly answer difficult queries with only minimal coding, including some slick techniques to analyze unseen patterns in data.

Even more exciting: As far as I know, I am the first of the branch of the Czuprynski extended family in America to reach out to my (presumed) cousins in Poland. Indeed, I may be the very first to return there since my grandfather, Jozef, left there in the early 1890s to seek his fortune in Chicago, Illinois.

After several years of fruitless searching for my family’s roots, I located Jakub Czuprynski, who it turns out is my second cousin – and he should know, because he’s a professional genealogist. I’m hoping to meet my long-lost family in Poland and find out more about their trials and tribulations since my grandfather’s emigration over 125 years ago.

To paraphrase Alex Hailey: “I have found you, Jozef Czuprynski! At last I have found you.”

2/19 COUG: A Quick Recap

Over 40 folks braved sub-zero temperatures to attend the first COUG meeting of 2015.

Alliance Technology Group LLC sponsored out event, and my colleague Terry Slack, Alliance’s VP for the Central and Western US, spoke briefly to let everyone know about his organization’s commitment to Oracle technology.

I then demonstrated the compelling features of Oracle Database’s new in-memory computing features, and my colleague Kevin Papreck from Oracle finished out the evening as he delved into the latest release of the Sun ZFS storage appliance.

The folks at the Schaumburg Marriott took great care of us – it was some of the best pizza I’ve had in a long time! I want to thank everyone that came out to support our Chicago-based user group on one of the coldest nights of 2015, and I look forward to our next COUG meeting in the coming months.

Join Me In Dallas on 4/23 @DOUG For New Oracle 12cR1 Topics

I’m excited and honored to announce that I’ve been asked to speak again at the Dallas Oracle User’s Group (DOUG) at their coming April 23rd meeting. My topics will be:

Precisely My Point: Leverage Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping in Oracle Database

I’ll explain how to use the brand-new Attribute Clustering and Zone Mapping features for improved query performance in Oracle Database

A Smart Optimizer Gets Even Smarter: New Histograms in Oracle 12cR1

I’ll show how Oracle Database 12c’s two new histograms – Top Frequency and Hybrid – can dramatically improve the accuracy of cardinality estimates, construction of better execution plans, and speedier access to skewed data sources.

My new allies, Alliance Technical Group LLC, are also sponsoring this event, so I’m sure that there will be plenty of excellent “vendor swag” as well. Registration for this event is open already, and I anticipate there will be a full crowd as there was when I presented in Dallas last August, so please be sure to sign up soon!

Oracle Database 12c SIG @ C15LV

For eve12c SIG @ C15LVryone that’s interested in the future of the Oracle Database as we know it, I strongly encourage you to attend a brief meeting of the Oracle Database 12c SIG at IOUG COLLABORATE15 in Las Vegas, NV (C15LV) at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 14th. We’ll meet (very!) informally to discuss the following topics:

  • When will support for pre-12c releases officially end?
  • When should I start planning to upgrade my current Oracle databases to Oracle 12c? (Hint: You should have started already!)
  • What resources are available to help me migrate, transform, and/or upgrade my current database to 12c?
  • Should I migrate to Release, or make the jump to
  • Should I wait for 12c Release 2?

These topics – plus any others you may want to discuss – will be front and center at our growing SIG. Please join me for what I’m sure will be an energetic discussion!