DBA 2.0 Is Dead. Long Live DBA 3.0!

The role of Oracle DBA is going to undergo a massive transition in 2017, and it’s not just because Oracle Database 12cR2 is at last going to be released this spring. This video highlights five major trends inside and outside the world of IT – the Cloud, BigData/IoT, security, “post-truthiness,” and H-1B visa reform – that are already causing major disruptions to the DBA role’s relevance. So be sure to be ready to disrupt … or be disrupted.


Oracle Database 12cR2: New Features and Enhancements

Oracle Database 12cR2 is already available in the Oracle Public Cloud and is slated to be generally available on premises as of March 15, 2017. This video highlights five key feature sets of 12cR2 that are worth investigating well in advance of deciding when to migrate, upgrade, or uplift your current pre-12cR2 Oracle databases and their application workloads to the latest and greatest version of Oracle Database.


Regression Analyzed, Tout de Suite! Leveraging Oracle 12c Database’s Real Application Testing (RAT) Suite

This video shows you how to leverage the power of Oracle 12cR1 Real Application Testing’s Database Workload Capture and Replay toolsets to quickly capture a production workload and play it back several different ways against a test environment so that you can ascertain with precision the potential performance regression or improvement. It’s a great way to find out if your new environment will handle your current application workloads as well, because you can simultaneously replay workloads that happened within different timeframes.